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2016 vw polo gti picture
2015 ford focus picture

Excellent condition, power steering ,leather intereo.

2019 toyota rav4 picture

Excellent condition ,power steering ,leather seat,immaculate condition 

2018 audi convertible picture

Excellent condition, clean,no dirty, no rust,accident free,service book history, 1year warranty ,

2017 bmw m4 picture

Excellent condition, service book history, power steering, accident free,1year warranty, immaculate condition. 

2016 bmw 1 series 120i picture

Excellent condition, very clean, power steering, airbag, immaculate condition ,66698kms

2017 vw polo hatch gti picture

Excellent condition, power steering, leather intereo,immaculate condition, electric windows

2017 hyundai h1 picture

Excellent condition ,service and 1year warranty, no accident ,power steering, leather seat

2016 toyota quantum gl picture
2017 vw polo gti hatch picture

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2016 vw polo tsi picture
2015 vw golf7 gti picture
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